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Terms of Use

Athleblog website is a service provided by Joel Thonar.
The site's servers are hosted by SILICOM SA (Luxembourg).

The following conditions describe the terms and conditions under which Athleblog provides this service to users registered on the site, hereinafter referred to Members.

Athleblog may change these terms and conditions when it becomes necessary. In this context, an email will be sent to members with the new conditions. The agreement of Member to the new conditions will be considered earned if the member continues to use the service thereafter.

1. Service Description

Athleblog provides its members a service hosting web sites, ie personal pages publicly available for the member publication of content in different formats (text, images, videos etc..). A website provides an interface allowing a registered user to comment on various articles and materials published. Member Athleblog provides an interface to facilitate the publication and administration of various articles written by the Member.

The content published by Members, extracts, or a description of its website can be aggregated on one or more pages of the major portals of Athleblog, and may be indexed by search engines. Athleblog can not guarantee that any content published by a member will not be publicly available.

The member is not limited in storage space that can be used on Athleblog servers to host his personal files. Where appropriate, Athleblog may have led to limited space and / or impose other restrictions on the specific use of a particular website, this does not give right to any compensation to the Member.

Athleblog reserves itself the right to modify the service extensively and without notice to Member.

Athleblog may terminate the Service or the rights of a member in this Service at any time with or without notification and justification.

Banners can be inserted by Athleblog in the content posted by the user. Athleblog has no commitment with regard to these banners, especially in light of potential competition that could account for any services provided by the Member except through agreement between the Member and Athleblog.

2. Terms of the Service

The service registration is free, simply fill in the various fields of the form.
Member realizes that at the time of his registration his registration and IP address used by the member at that moment will be preserved, in order to cooperate with police in the case of a judicial complaint filed against the member.

3. Obligations of Member

The Member agrees to enter a password that is not obvious to her identification on the site. The Member shall be considered the author of any action by a user logged on using his password on the site.

The Member agrees to read the notices sent in the form of email messages by Athleblog.

The Member is liable for any content they publish on its website. Athleblog can not be held responsible for the content hosted on these pages until he has knowledge.

The Member's attention is particularly drawn to the illegal aspects: the offense against intellectual property, infringement of the rights of insulting persons or entities, of defaming individuals or legal entities, and generally is published on a website content illegal (fraud, scams, gambling, incitement to racial hatred, incitement to crime or offense, to pornography). Any infringement of these laws we would be notified or brought to our attention will be followed by the closure of the website in question and the Member's account.

Furthermore Athleblog strictly prohibits the following uses for the website:
- The website cannot be used for the sole purpose of promoting another site or product.
- The website cannot be used for the sole purpose of using his storage space.
- The Member cannot put other advertisements in its website that provided by Athleblog.
- The Member cannot include in its website content related to programs offering incentives for clicks on links or the sites navigation system.

The display of logos and / or reference to personal sponsor is prohibited except under an agreement between the Member and Athleblog.

4. Athleblog Obligations

The Member may ask Athleblog deletion of personal data concerning him and / or have them corrected. Under the law, personal information concerning a member may be kept until 2 years after the closure of his account, after which they will be deleted.

Athleblog will not disclose the email address of the member or his personal information. The member may ask not to receive emails from Athleblog of parameters in its website.

Under the law, Athleblog agrees to delete content / close the account of a member who disregards the law, once it has been reported to him. The law does not make the host responsible for moderation prior content. All details and information concerning a member may be provided to judicial authorities after a requisition sent to Athleblog.

5. Warranties

Athleblog provides no guaranty as to the protection of information published by the Member. It is the responsibility of the member to keep a backup copy of the articles and materials published through the Service. The Member uses the Service at your own risk.

Athleblog provide not guaranty as to the quality and the level of the service. Athleblog may temporary stop the service without any notification to the member.

Athleblog can not be held responsible for the consequences of the loss of information, unavailability or malfunction of the Service.

6. Intellectual Property

All content published by Athleblog, broadcast images, logos, video and text content on the site may not be reproduced without the permission of Athleblog.

The Member is the sole owner of copyright of the original content it publishes via its website.

7. Law

These terms and conditions form a contract between the Member and Athleblog, and are governed by Belgian law. The Belgian courts are empowered to try such their validity, their interpretation and their consequences.
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